Scan to BIM

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In recent times there has been a huge surge in using
3D laser scanning of a property, space or site to create an
accurate digital representation.
This representation can then be used for designing,
assessing progress or evaluating option.
The 3D scan on its own does not provide end-use benefits
unless the scanned images are converted to a readable format such as 2D drawings or 3D Models.
Depending on client specific requirements or usage
of the data, we deliver outputs that meet their needs.



“While the construction industry has traditionally been a slow adopter of new technology, laser scanning is quickly becoming the norm on project sites for benefits like improvement in quality and cost savings”

Standard outputs after Laser Scan conversion to BIM

▪3D Model creation

▪Schematic Drawing or Schematic Model

▪2D Drawings

▪As-Built drawings

▪Approval Drawings

▪Construction drawings

“Many companies are using scanning to be a starting point of BIM”

Typical users of Scan to Bim services

▪ Architects and Structural Engineers
▪ MEP Engineering Consultants
▪ Real Estate Developers
▪ Property Owners
▪ General Contractors
▪ City and State Agencies
▪ Facility Managers
▪ Interior and Furniture Designers

Services we offer to Clients

▪ Laser Scanning the Site.

▪ Creation of Architectural and Structural Models and drawings.

▪ Creation of MEP 3D BIM models from scans.

▪ Extracting and creating coordinated CAD drawings from the Model.

▪ Preparing Clash free drawings to all service consultants for construction.

▪ 2D plans, sections, and elevation from point cloud Scan data (Without 3D modeling).

▪ Tracing and Surface Restructuring from point cloud Scan data.

▪ Walk-throughs, Animations, and Renderings.

▪ Coordination services using Scan to BIM Model and proposed new CAD drawings.

▪ As-built updations of the Model and CAD drawings based on redline markups.

Industry sectors

▪ Industrial plants, Oil and Gas Plants etc.
▪ Commercial Infra such as Healthcare and Educational Facilities.
▪ Public utilities such as Airports.
▪ Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings, Malls,
Auditoriums etc.
▪ Warehousing projects.

Key benefits of Scan to BIM :

▪Quality: Scan to BIM models are accurate and exact representation of site conditions.

▪Time Saving: Unlike site visits and documentation of site conditions, Scanning and subsequent BIM modelling is fast and saves enormous time for the project.

▪Cost saving: Laser scanning and Modelling is much more economical than traditional methods of data collection and 3D modelling.

Scan to BIM Uses

*  Prepares a representation of existing site conditions.
*  Material takeoffs.
*  Converts the Graphical representation into 3D model.
*  3D model data can be used to prepare 2D drawings.
*  Up-to-date models can be shared with sub contractors and service providers.