Detailed Engineering

We undertake End-to-end detailed engineering services for plant design projects. Our focus has been primarily into process plants, offshore platforms, refineries, & power plants.

Typically our clients send us PID’s, Plot plans, and other project specifications related to the scope of our work. Arya can take up the complete detailing project or we can undertake select jobs within the Plant design project life cycle such as P&IDs creation, generating & checking ISO’s, creating BOM, Preparation of Fabrication spools, as built drawings, etc.

Image result for detail engineering Detailed design is the phase in which the design is refined and plans, specifications, and estimates are created. Detailed design will include outputs such as PID, 2D & 3D models, construction cost estimates, procurement plans, etc. This phase is where the total cost of the project is identified. The detailed engineering project is the set of documents generated from Basic Engineering. These include all the construction details by discipline (Civil, Mechanical, Processes, Electrical, Telecommunications, Instrumentation and Control, Information Systems) that must be approved for their construction.

Our commitment to quality standards has been translated into the absolute trust of the client. Clients from all over the world have believed and entrusted us with their most challenging and complex structures for the execution of projects without errors. Tech flow has risen to the challenge and has “met” customer expectations and strengthened its business relationship with its customers.

Arya has always been appreciated and preferred for her services by her esteemed Clients. It is a privilege to have such clients and I would always try to ensure their faith by being among the best.







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