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About our company

Arya is a Global Engineering company that offers Structural Steel Engineering & Detailing services and Building Information modeling services. Arya combines deep industry experience, technical expertise and a global delivery model to create a value-based solution for customer requirements. Arya’s success has been built upon its partner relationships and on the unstinted support and patronage of its clients across the globe.

What we do


Arya systems

We offer Structural Steel Detailing services with our focus on delivering high-quality outputs. Our expertise comes from our highly skilled engineers who have handled different types of projects across industry verticals. 



Steel Detailing

Global competition compels organizations to increase operating efficiency to remain competitive in their markets. Organizations sometimes have the need for external resources to meet their complex requirements. Our services help your company have access to the best resources in the Industry.

Arya systems

At Arya, Building Information Modeling (BIM)  is looked at as a concept that can create real value to customers and other stakeholders involved in the project. BIM is used as a management tool that employs 3D technology to provide discernible benefits to the project owners.

GDC is the most natural choice for Engineering companies that are looking to establish a presence in India. It’s not just the benefits from cost savings, but the total value you get from working with an GDC is remarkable.GDC is virtually an Extension of your existing operations.

Arya offers world-class plant Engineering services to the Oil & Gas, Power, Process, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. Our services include providing skilled engineers to work at your site, detailed engineering services, Plant design automation services, and CAD services.


I would like to highlight that supported KBR in our critical situation through the deployment of the right mandates in many of our projects, I appreciate and thank Arya for the services provided to us and wishing them to continue the exciting journey in EPC Oil & Gas.
Arya Bim Tekla Services
Biju Swaminathan​
The people at Arya listen to get us to understand today’s market needs in spite of the complexities involved in BIM. They strive to give us solutions and responded to our demands. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Arya and their team.
Arya Bim Tekla Services
Mr. Sreenivasan