At Arya, we have created a capable group that includes picked, talented, and experienced detailers, who have been taking into account various types of prerequisites throughout the years. With the latest software in hand & this intelligent team beside, we take care of residential projects as well as commercial projects.As we know for fabricators and contractors, steel detailing consists of shop drawing creations. We make sure that the great plans, essential reports, the cost estimates, and other needed tasks are in a readable manner. In this way, we ensure that the odds of errors or mistakes are essentially less.

Arya provides higher-level and qualitative, designers and temporary workers for a long time. We have team of steel detailers who are expertise in steel detailing and miscellaneous steel. At Arya, we understand essential role of steel detailing process in interfacing experts like designers, engineers, fabricators, temporary workers and more with a person accountable for a venture. Accordingly, we investigate every possibility in giving the best of results.

Our Services

Our Structural detailing Services cover drawings and 3D models of virtually every type of structures. Our ability to extend reliable, correct and economical services for clients has helped us establish a powerful reputation within the field.
Our consistent use of technologies like Tekla Structures (Xsteel) permits us to develop 3D Models with unmatched accuracy, impeccable quality, and intricate details, compared to conventional detailing methods used in the market. Additionally, we attend to the needs of several industrial, commercial and residential structural steel detailing requirements, tailoring our deliverables to the tee to each project needs.
Our constant communication with clients and embracing of good “old school” processes for better representation, we continue to offer unparalleled detailing services for several projects.

Pre-engineered metal building design and detailing services, and you directly consider Arya. That’s our reputation. We have progressed by leaps and bounds over the years buoyed by our stellar work. Today, we are considered a world leader, thanks to our strong foothold in the international market. Our customer-first approach has won us many clients. When it comes to Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings and Hybrid Structures designing and detailing, we work on projects that include both simple and highly complex ones. Our structural and PEMB/PEB design and detailing teams make for a winning combination. We also specialize in all sorts of hybrid structures including using TEKLA. Their execution is par excellence.

  • Erection Drawings
  • Shop drawings (steel canopy, steel stairs, staircase handrail, steel carport, steep grating detailing & more)
  • 2D drawings
  • Bill of materials for steel shop drawings
  • Working drawings for structures
  • Connections steel detailing (example: beam-column connections, beam-beam connections, beam-slab connections, column-slab connections, column-foundation connections, steel framing plans, and more)
  • Single part drawings
  • Part lists
  • DNA stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • Helical stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • Deck stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • Glass stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • Spiral stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • C shape stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • L shape stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • Winder stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • Folded stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • Circular stair handrail detailing and drawings
  • Structural member detailed drawings of beams, columns, stair, ladder, bracing, truss, handrails, frame, etc
  • Embed layout and anchor setting plans
  • Data files required for fabrication & documents showing every pre-fabricated component in detail
  • Main & miscellaneous steel erection drawings
  • Metal ladders shop drawings
  • Safety railings & gates shop drawings
  • Metal stairs shop drawings
  • Stair treads & nosing shop drawings
  • Pipe & tube railing systems shop drawings
  • Fabricated spiral stairs shop drawings
  • Custom stainless-steel handrails shop drawings

Application of above Services

  • Steel DetatailingIndustrial platforms
  • Industrial process plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Refineries
  • Coal Handling Plants
  • Large Exhibition Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Buildings & Workshops
  • Indoor Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Corporate Office Buildings
  • Outdoor Stadiums with canopies
  • Customized Housing
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Showrooms
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Large Exhibition Centers
  • Equipment housing/shelters
  • Railway Stations & Railway Storage yards And many more..

Why Choose Arya Systems?

  • Choosing Arya will help you to reduce hiring, software and training expenses
  • Arya competent teams are capable of handling projects effectively in different technologies and Industry verticals
  • Out technical team will have a detailed communication with you before starting the project to understand your requirements & perspective on the project then only we will begin.
  • At Arya, we provide timely services along with that we provide quick communication in case of any doubt or query. We will resolve any of your query or issue in time.
  • In today’s business proficiency in English is must, both written and communicative & that is what you are going to get from us.
  • We believe that different business have different requirements so we make sure that you will

Partner with us

Arya is an emerging & fast growing company. We are committed to our values to realize our goal of being the best in this Industry. By working with us, you have access to a large resource pool of professional Architects, Tekla Engineers, Structural Steel Engineers and Quality control teams. Our team will work with you as an extension of your resources seamlessly, transparently and effectively.