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Press Release

 Press Release

 Release Date: For Immediate Release

Use of Arya Systems as a Brand name for AES Services LLP.

Arya Systems was formed in 2004, more than 18 years back. Subsequently, through formation of a Limited Liability Partnership, AES Services LLP was formed keeping in view the growing needs of the organization and the need to establish a corporate Identity. All the business of Arya Systems was moved into AES Services LLP.

However, it was later decided by the management that while the new corporate entity is called AES Services LLP, the brand name of Arya Systems is very active in the market and hence it was imperative that we continue to use the brand Arya Systems on all our communications with our customers, present and prospective. In view of this decision, we shall continue to use our domain and continue to use Arya Systems as our Brand and AES Services LLP as our corporate Identity.

Contact Person: Srilakshmi
Company: AES Services LLP
Address: Hyderabad, India