Offshore Development Center (ODC) Services

ODC is the most natural choice for Engineering companies that are looking to establish a presence in India. Its not just the benefits from cost savings, but the total value you get from working with an ODC is remarkable. ODC is virtually an Extension of your existing operations, the ODC team will work seamlessly and efficiently using your practices and working standards.


Who would consider using an Overseas Development Center?

  • Companies that would like to establish some kind of presence in India to leverage on lower costs and have access to the high quality engineers available in India.
  • Companies that would not like to outsource work to third parties, and would like to retain control over their projects and protect their IP
  • Companies who have plans of expansion and would like to have the ability to scale up resources rapidly
  • Companies who would like to explore India operations without the risk of Investments or capital expenditure
  • Companies who would like to quickly move into establishing an Indian presence
  • Companies who would like a dedicated team to be assigned to their work

 Most of the top design engineering companies already have offices in India. Its a proven fact that the benefits from Indian operations are substantial and companies continued to expand their teams in India as a strategic decision. Engineering companies need to lower costs and also have the ability to access highly skilled resources at the right time or risk losing market competitiveness.