A successful offering on urban, technical, or industrial construction projects will often rest on the architect’s conceptual 3D rendering of the structural and creative elements of the building. The 3D rendered visualization of the building will stand within the actual landscape is even more crucial for public projects where urban plan requires the approval of many stakeholders. Many projects today are awarded to those architectural companies that can present stunning visualizations of the project design along with animated walk-throughs of the structure of the recommended landscape. . The final result is a photo-realistic or a stylized version of the design to be used for client review or public presentation. Most projects are rendered with one of the following three methods:

Software 3D Render

– depends on advanced proprietary rendering software along with a robust CPU and graphics card to create life-like visual results, similar to those on today’s popular video games. The most popular rendering software used by architects includes 3DS Max, SketchUp, Revit,  and AutoCAD Architecture. Expect high-quality realistic graphical rendition of your project and is most effective for commercial, residential,  and interior design projects.

Vector Rendering

– is installed as part of all the leading CAD software to produce stylized renderings which are alike to the traditional hand-drawn presentation graphics created with pen and ink. Vector graphics rendering is an effective way to impart warmth, softness, or an artistic effect on projects such as public parks, industrial campus, and mixed-use projects.

Cloud Rendering

– is applied for photorealistic visualizations which need the computing power of the scan-to-cloud technology. Extremely high-resolution detail is possible as reality capture software transforms images into detailed 3D images. Consider Cloud 3D Rendering to visualize projects in their natural landscape and is often used for commercial or industrial projects that are designed to fit within the current architecture of the community. When your project requires accurate 3D rendering resources using a powerful graphics card and CPU processing, contact Arya to discuss our visualization services and to view our portfolio of 3D rendered architectural projects.

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