Detailed Engineering

We undertake End-to-end detailed engineering services for plant design projects. Our focus has been primarily into process plants, offshore platforms, refineries, & power plants.

Typically our clients send us PID’s, Plot plans, and other project specifications related to the scope of our work. Arya Systems can take up the complete detailing project or based on customer requirements we can undertake select jobs within this project life cycle such as P&IDs creation, generating & checking ISO’s, creating BOM, Preparation of Fabrication spools, as built drawings, etc.

Service Offerings


  • Piping Material Specification
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Piping General Arrangement Drawings
  • Equipment and Piping layouts
  • Piping Load Calculation
  • Surge Analysis
  • Isometrics & BOM
  • Pipe Supports Design


  • Bar Bending Schedule
  • Structural Design Calculations
  • Foundation Design
  • General Layout Drawings
  • Civil & Structural Detailed Drawings
  • RCC and Steel Analysis & Design
  • Underground / General Civil
  • Connections Details


  • Load List & Single Line Diagrams
  • Electrical Layouts
  • Specifications – Electrical Equipment
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Substation Engineering
  • Short Circuit Calculations
  • Voltage Drop & Cable Sizing
  • Cable Tray Layouts

Mechanical Equipment
(Static, Rotating and Package)

  • FEM and FEA
  • Review of Equipment Data Sheets in line
    with the process updations
  • Mechanical Design and Calculation Report
  • Preparation of Detailed Fabrication Drawings


  • Preparation / Updation of P&IDs
    (CAD as well as Intelligent)
  • Updating the Process package for further Engineering
  • Safety and Loss Prevention Engineering
  • Thermal Design for Equipments


  • Installation Drawings & Layouts
  • System Engineering – PLC / DCS / SCADA
  • Cause & Effect Chart
  • Loop & Hook-up Drawings
  • Logic & Wiring Diagrams

Procurement Assistance

  • Enquiry Specification
  • Vendor Evaluation and List preparation
  • Technical Bid Analysis and Evaluation
  • Vendor Documents/Drawings Review
  • Material Requisition

General & Multi Discipline

  • Project Management Plans
  • Overall Design Basis and Specification
  • MTOs
  • Fabrication / Construction Drawings
  • Documents required for Statutory

Architectural and Landscape Design

  • Schedule of items for Architectural works.
  • Landscaping drawings and perspective views.
  • Specifications for flooring, roofing, doors, windows, painting, special finishes etc.
  • Detailed Architectural drawings showing plans, elevation and sections.