BIM Services

Building Information Modeling


At Arya, Building Information Modelling is looked at as a concept that can create real value to customers and other stake holders involved in the project. We use BIM as a management tool that employs 3D technology so that we can provide discernible benefits to the project owners. We believe that real value comes from using this concept in the most effective manner.


·      3D Modeling BIM Services

·      Inter Services Coordination & Construction coordination

·      Interference Check, Clash Detection & Clash Resolution

·      Integration

·      Documentation/Construction drawings/BOM/MTO etc


·      To provide support for the project’s decision-making processes.

·      To have the parties commit to the project objectives by means of using the building information model.

·      To visualize design solutions.

·      To assist in design and the coordination of designs

·      To increase and secure the quality of the building process and the final product.

·      To make the processes during construction more effective.

·      To improve safety during construction and throughout the building’s lifecycle.

·      To support the cost and lifecycle analyses of the project.

·      To support the transfer of project data into data management during operation.